Proceedings from the 18th Australian Cotton Conference (2016)

Listed below are papers and presentations made available by conference speakers.

Presenter NameSeminar
ADAMS GaryGlobal Cotton Economics
ANDREONI Francesca, CURREY Anne & CAPE JeremyResilience Assessment - Theory & Application to Cotton Businesses
ASHFORD ErinPractical Tips for Managing Farm Staff
BAETHGEN WalterRisk Management Principles & Dealing with Model Uncertainty
BAIRD JonImproving Farm Gross Margins by Optimising Crop Management Systems
BLAKENEY MichaelAlternative Ownership & Investment Models
BRADD MatthewOpportunities - Sub-Continent
BRAUNACK MichaelSoil Compaction : The Hidden Disease
BRIMBLECOMBE IanRenewable Technology & Innovation in Practice
CEENEY SallyThe Importance of Resistance Management
CHAMBERLIN AndrewFunding models for Energy Efficiency & Financing
CHANG YvonneCan Fungi Sequester Carbon in Soils?
CHESSON TomAustralian Water Policy - Where to Next?
COLLINS GuyPlant Growth Regulators: Management and Misconceptions
COLVIN Andrew & ScottFair, Equitable & Sustainable Succession Planning
CONATY WarrenBreeding Cotton for a Variable Rainfall Environment
CUTCLIFFE JakeOptimised Irrigation Row Configuration Trials
DARBYSHIRE RebeccaForecasting Profile : Valuing Seasonal Climate Forecasts
DEVLIN AliceThere's More to Nitrogen than Just Fertiliser
DOWLING Chris, GRIFFITHS Brendan & BELL MikeNitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium : What We Know & the Next Frontier
ESKANDARA SamiehMycorrhizal Symbioses of Cotton in High & Low Sodic Soils
FINNEY BruceDigital Agriculture Research Frontiers
FOLEY JosephSwitching to Irrigation Automation - Furrow Irrigation
FREEBAIRN DavidUsing the App & What’s New with the Soil Moisture
GALL LouiseGrower Led Irrigation Systems Research
GEITZ TonyThe Big End of Town - North Asia
GILLIES MalcolmAutomated Furrow Using PTBs & Blind Head Ditches
GIOVINAZZO PaulBringing a new product to market - Cotton Cartage Trailer
GRANSHAW BryanSiS Soil Sampling System
GRUNDY PaulBringing Cotton Concepts to Life Through Video –  CottonINFO Youtube Channel
GUEST AnnabelleDefoliation Practices Next Steps for Efficiency
HEIMOANA SimoneInvestigating Factors Causing Colour Grade Changes & Discounts
HICKS DarrenAchieve Better In-Crop Nutrition Outcomes Using Petiole (SAP) Analysis
JAMES QuinnRow Configuration, Planting Dates & Timing
JOSHUA EdwardIrriSAT App - Water Use Information at Your Fingertips
KELDERMAN SimonEM Soil Moisture Measurement
KELLY GavinSmart Syphon Automation
KHAN MoazzemDevelopment of Management Options for Cotton Mealybug
KIRKBY KarenPathogens, Postage and People
KOWITZ RickHow to Fast Track myBMP
KRAMER StephImportant Perspectives Regarding Sustainable Silverleaf Whitefly Management
KUMMEROW MegDrones, Sensors & Software
LONERGAN PeterSeed Treatment Trials & Early Season Fungal Pathogens
LONG DerekWater Front Detection in Cotton Flood Irrigation from UAV Imagery
MACDONALD BenWhere Does Nitrogen Fertiliser End Up?
MASILAMANI SidFeasibility of Renewable & Battery Technology
McCARTHY AlisonAutomated Camera Based Cotton Growth & Irrigation Monitoring
McCARTHY CherylAutomated Image Analysis-Based Crop Scouting With UAVs
McDONAGH EimearTraditional Markets - Indonesia, Thailand & Korea
McDONALD NicoleWhat Motivates People in the Cotton Industry? It’s Not Always About the Money
McINTOSH ShaneUnlocking the Hidden Value of Gin Trash
McPHERSON KateStoichiometric Ratios of Cotton Soils Under Different Land Management Practices
MENSAH RobertDevelopment of Biopesticides & Semiochemicals for IPM on Cotton
MIAO MengheInfluence of Cotton Round Module Storage on Fibre Quality
MONTGOMERY JanelleInvestigating Crop Productivity in the Australian Cotton Industry
MUES ColinNorthern Murray-Darling Basin Review
MULLER FelicityQld & NSW Energy Audits
NACHIMUTHU GunaDoes Corn Rotation Improve Soil Health & Cotton Yield?
PAYNE AliceMacro Trends in Fashion
PEREZ TristanProgress in Robotic Weeding
POLAIN KatherineMicrobial Machinations : Generation of Plant-Accessible Phosphorus
POWELL JanineOffsetting Pumping Costs with Grid Connected Solar Energy
PRATTEN RyanHerbicide Resistance in Cotton Production Systems
REMADEVI RechanaImproving Properties of Cotton Fibres
ROSER SharleneVerticillium Wilt - An Indepth Look at Inoculum Levels in Soil
ROTH IngridGrower Survey Results
SCHEIKOWSKI LindaReniform Nematode Research
SCHNEIDER Knut JanConversion of Cotton Ginnery By-Products into Pharmaceuticals
SANDELL GaryBenchmarking the Efficiency & Performance of Irrigation Pumps
SHARMAN MurrayCotton Leafroll Dwarf Virus is Common in Timor-Leste
SMITH LindaVerticillium Wilt Research
STAINES TrudyAre You Seeking a Young Passionate Skilled Worker for Your Business?
STATHAM DavidDigital Farming - the Future of Farming
STILLER WarwickCotton Breeding Frontiers
STRONG LynneHow to Tell Your Agricultural Story
TAYLOR Ian & FING RebeccaWorkforce Strategy & People Investments
TELFORD JuliaThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
VOGEL StaceyBirds on Cotton Farm App: Have You Heard That Whistler?
WATSON BenIrrigation Automation - First Steps
WELSH ClaireUtilising Novel Plant Growth Regulators to Develop Resilient Future Cotton Systems
WERTH JeffTiering Multip Weed Management Tactics
WHITE CliffThe Bottom Line
WILLIAMS AllanR&D Overview - Fibre Trends & Alternative Cotton Uses
WISEMAN LeanneLooking After Your Data - Ownership, Control & Access