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Our comprehensive in-house research and engineering capabilities, with state-of-the-art CAD systems technology, offers customers complete packaging solutions.

BMC Walkways

BMC WALKWAYS to suit JD 7760 cotton pickers.
• User friendly – fill in the holes in the handler; reduce ladder climbs from 4 to zero when replacing plastic
• Easy maintenance access – effective blow downs on both sides; all important floor belt blow downs on offside; reduce belt deterioration – subsequent down time
• Decrease time replacing plastic in field – can all be handled from the walkway. Tether not required
• Provide another option for storing used plastic cores
• Reduce cotton trash to radiator

Born Country

At Born Country, we’re passionate about connecting the city with the bush, teaching little people where food + fibre comes from and celebrating all things country! Our Australian made tee shirts are lovingly crafted from Australian grown cotton and feature the photography of rural photographers from across the nation. Wear your country heart on your sleeve with Born Country.

Visit us at the Cotton Australia stand in the Trade Hall and pick up some gorgeous tees to take home to your special little people available in sizes 0 to 16. If you decide you’d rather shop when you get home (perfect gift to post!), visit our online store at

Research Reports Online!

Over 1,100 final reports of RD&E projects invested in by CRDC are now available via CRDC’s online library, Inside Cotton. The reports – which range from 1986 to 2015 – are easily searchable via date, researcher, subject and title.

The reports join a host of other industry materials in Inside Cotton, including papers and presentations from the Australian Cotton Conferences (from 1984 to today); previous editions of the Spotlight magazine (from 2007 to today); CRDC corporate publications; and archived materials from the former Cotton CRCs, Land and Water Australia and the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation.

To access Inside Cotton, go to:

Cotton Cartage Trailer

Collier and Miller’s revolutionary ‘Cotton Cartage Trailer’ has become the industry standard  in providing the most efficient method to transport cotton modules from farm to gin.

The concept was born from the transport industry, where the requirement for a more efficient system was needed.  True to the Australian way of problem solving and innovation, the design promotes key requirements of increased capacity, faster loading and better safety.

The Collier and Miller ‘Cotton Crush’ restraint system is true industry innovation that will help power efficiency within your cotton transport business.


Flying Ag Australia – Drones, Sensors & Software

Meet the Flying Ag Australia line up of drones, sensors & software:

Parrot Sequoia – Possibly the smallest multispectral sensor on the market, the Parrot Sequoia captures both visible & invisible calibrated images.

SlantRange – Instant results. Anywhere. Any Time.

DroneDeploy – Powerful, cloud-based drone software. DroneDeploy can help you create 2D, 3D, volumetric & plant health orthomosaic images from your Flying Ag Australia DJI drone.

Drones – with a great line up of Flying Ag branded DJI drones you can be sure that there is one to meet the needs on your farm.



Full Circle Fibres

Full Circle Fibres is about connecting the links from grower to user, respecting the source and the stages to usefulness as gently and carefully as possible. With Full Circle Fibres you’ll join a journey about finding and using sustainably and ethically sourced fibres, yarns and fabrics, crafting tips, articles about the wonderful growers, suppliers and processors, and as I can make them available, products for you to enjoy, use and share.

Full Circle Fibres has teamed up with Australian Super Cotton to bring you 100% Australia long staple cotton woven and knitted fabrics, beautiful yarn along with hand spinning supplies. Every part of the process has been done right here in Australia. Come visit us at M1 or online at




CottonNoVo from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is a stable and efficient way to get extra nitrogen securely into your cotton plants, with reduced losses through volatilisation.

–  Post plant
–  November to January

–  Retains more nitrogen without incorporation
–  Flexible application timing with less reliance on imminent rainfall or irrigation
–  Lockdown® coating provides better storage stability and more sustained N release

For more information on Incitec Pivot Fertilisers’ products and services, head to


itfits is the first brand to introduce a range of knitted jersey bed sheets, pillow cases and doona covers which are made of 100% Australian cotton, especially for the Australian market. Why? Because Australian cotton is renowned worldwide for its high quality, and because knitted jersey fitted bed sheets are the most popular sheets in Europe, but have never before been available in Australia and they are so soft and comfortable!

1725C 12R40 Stackfold Planter

Especially designed for cotton growers, it offers big maneuverability improvements, wide cotton-specific row spacing, and narrow transport. Choose ExactEmerge™ or MaxEmerge™ 5e row units, plus the 35 bushel CCS, to keep you on schedule with quick and efficient seed delivery. Available on 36, 38 or 40 inch row spacing.

ME 5e Electric Drive MaxEmerge™ 5 Planters

Designed to improve population accuracy, spacing, and avoid wasting inputs for maximising yield.  It is driven by one electric motor per meter with a small control box. This does away with the shafts and drivelines of a typical hydraulic drive, which translates into easier access to row-unit components and less maintenance. For producers who want uniform row spacing, the ME5e is a great option. One of the biggest advantages is how it improves population accuracy by compensating for curves on the outer rows of the planter.

Distance Trip – for Automatic GPS controlled RotoBuck placement

The Distance Trip functionality allows growers to utilise many different hydraulic-controlled implements and control them based on a given distance.  One of its main benefits is that helps to reduce operator fatigue y automatically controlling the trip distance of a blade for in furrow irrigation and water management applications.

SeedStar Mobile

It is the new John Deere planter monitoring solution designed to enhance the in-cab experience during the most critical farming operation of the entire crop cycle – planting. SeedStar Mobile documents and visualises the row-by-row performance of the planter, giving operators the confidence needed to successfully plant crops with highest level of precision, control, and accuracy.

StarFire™ 6000 Receiver & SF3

The new StarFire 6000 Receiver has been designed to give growers greater precision capabilities and uptime than ever before. It implements an improved antenna, the latest in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal processing technology, and new differential correction, SF3 that improves pass-to-pass accuracy, in-season repeatability and pull-in time.. All of this new technology adds up to improved performance and uptime when paired with precision agriculture systems such as AutoTrac™ assisted steering system and John Deere Section Control.

9RX – 4 Track High hp Articulated Tractors

The John Deere 9RX Series add value to the extensive line of high horsepower 9R Series wheeled and 9RT Series 2-track tractors. The new four 9RX Tractor models – which range from 470 to 620 engine horsepower – feature a large, robust undercarriage and track system engineered to provide growers with superior power, durability, and improved ride quality, especially when handling large implements in the field.


Signode has recently launched GinFast which presents a paradigm shift in bale handling methods – no more strap!  The GinFast concept has been proven across multiple gins in the USA and is now ready to be launched  in Australia.

The big change in process is that with GinFast the compressed bale is removed from the press within 5 seconds, freeing the press to drop and process the next bale.  Current technology strappers hold the press for a minimum of 8 to 12 seconds.  GinFast is able to consistently process 90 bales per hour.

Fast, rugged and reliable… GinFast.

To learn more go to

Precision Planter with integrated film layer

• Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense
• vDrive
• Vset 2
• SpeedTube
• DeltaForce (on both planting and film laying units)

OneCrop Cotton film:
• Is biodegradable
• Improves establishment by raising soil temperature
• Improves water use efficiency
• Has shown significant yield benefits
• Encourages earlier maturity with more vigorous growth

Observant Solo Camera Kit

The Observant Solo Camera Kit lets you check what’s happening at fixed points on your farm — from tank and trough water systems, to livestock at feeders, to open channel water levels. Access images through Observant Global, our web-based monitoring platform.

Observant Tank Monitoring Kit

The Observant Tank Monitoring Kit provides you with a complete water level monitoring solution. These innovative products provide you with all the hardware required to monitor water levels, as well as access to Observant Global, our ground-breaking software application which allows you to remotely access water levels from any internet-enabled device.


Sustaining the Basin: Irrigated Farm Modernisation (STBIFM) Program

NSW Sustaining the Basin: Irrigated Farm Modernisation (STBIFM) is a program delivered by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and is funded by the Australian Government’s ‘Sustainable Rural Water Use & Infrastructure’ program, as part of the implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan in NSW. STBIFM improves the long term sustainability of regional communities by identifying on-farm irrigation losses, funding recovery of these losses through infrastructure modernisation, and delivering training and capacity building to support irrigation communities in the Murray Darling Basin catchments of northern NSW.


Reliable Cotton Spindles

The Reliable Cotton Spindles R & D team has come up with a unique process with IP to enhance spindle performance and durability. Our company is based in Xinjiang – the biggest cotton region of China. So we have the first hand experience and expertise to deliver more cost-effective spindles and spindle cleaners to the western market.