The Australian Cotton Conference is a joint venture between two leading cotton industry organisations: Cotton Australia and the Australian Cotton Shippers Association (ACSA).

Now in its 36th year, the 18th Australian Cotton Conference has evolved over three decades to become a fully integrated industry conference that encompasses all sectors of the cotton supply chain.

The Conference is overseen by a Committee of volunteers, made up of cotton growers, researchers, merchants and representatives from Cotton Australia and ACSA.

About Cotton Australia

cotton logoCotton Australia is the peak representative body for the Australian cotton growing industry. The organisation helps the industry work together to be world competitive, sustainable and also tell the good news about the industry’s achievements.

Cotton Australia determines and drives the industry’s strategic direction, retaining its strong emphasis on grower focused R&D, promoting the value of the industry, reporting on its environmental credibility, and implementing policy objectives in consultation with its grower stakeholders.

Cotton Australia works to ensure an environment conducive to efficient and sustainable cotton production. It has a key role in Best Management Practices (BMP), an environmental management program for growers. This work has seen a significant improvement in the environmental performance of the industry, with huge improvements in water use efficiency, significant reductions in pesticide use, with very significant investment into key R&D projects to support the industry. Cotton Australia is one of the partner organisations putting on the Australian Cotton Conference.

About Australian Cotton Shippers Association

cotton shipperGetting cotton to market in the most effective, efficient manner is the charter of the Australian Cotton Shippers Association – the organisation charged with representing the post farm gate interests of the Australian cotton industry.

With a suite of tools at their disposal – including high quality Australian Long Staple cotton plus the environmental and social credentials inherent in Australia’s Best Management Practices program – ACSA’s key role is to promote and enhance the export and value of Australian raw cotton to downstream customers around the world.

Internationally, ACSA also works with the wider textile industry to preserve the sanctity and integrity of contracts and to facilitate compliance with contractual obligations and adherence to arbitration awards.

ACSA also has a wide ranging domestic role, which includes promoting and supporting corporate responsibility, Best Management Practices and prosperity within the industry and the communities in which we operate.

Other domestic roles include communicating the fibre requirements of our spinning mill customers to Australian growers and plant breeders; promoting greater involvement of Associate Members in improving the integrity of the supply chain; developing better standards of cotton quality and presentation; promoting new cotton varieties and developing new market opportunities through differentiation of Australian cotton.

ACSA members are Auscott Limited; Cargill Cotton; CNCGC Australian; Ecom Commodities; Glencore Grain; Louis Dreyfus Commodities; Namoi Cotton; Noble Resources; Omni Cotton; Plexus Cotton Limited; Olam Queensland Cotton; Reinhart Australia; S&G Cotton; and Twynam Agricultural Group.

The Committee

Fleur Anderson Central Queensland cotton grower, community relations executive, Cotton Australia Director
Stuart Armitage Darling Downs cotton grower, 2011 Innovative Grower of the Year, Cotton Australia Director
Philip Armytage General Manager, Commercial Operations of Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd
Tracey Byrne-Morrison Australian Cotton Conference Secretariat
Warren Conaty Research Scientist with CSIRO Plant Industry specialising in water stress physiology
Nigel Corish Goondiwindi cotton grower, 2012 Grower of the Year
Stuart Gordon Principal Research Scientist for CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship
Scott Hogan Riverina cotton grower
Adam Kay Chief Executive Officer of Cotton Australia
Dallas King St George crop consultant, President of Crop Consultants Australia
Elizabeth Lobsey Darling Downs crop consultant
Jorian Millyard Extension and development for Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd
Michael Murray General Manager for Cotton Australia, Toowoomba
Ruth Redfern Communications Manager for CRDC and CottonInfo
Guy Roth Director Roth Regional & Rural; Australian Cotton Conference Program Manager
Phil Sloan Cargill Cotton Australia; Director of ACSA; member of Macintyre Valley Cotton Growers Assoc
Arthur Spellson Auscott Limited; Australian Cotton Conference Vice-Chairman; ACSA Director
Tim Storck General Manager, Reinhart Australia
Wayne Towns Gin Manager for Auscott Limited, Member Australian Cotton Ginners Association
Peter Tuohey Riverina cotton grower, 2015 AgriRisk High Achiever of the Year
Elissa Wegener Marketing Coordinator for Queensland Cotton